Our veterinarians are available for surgery in our purpose built hospital all throughout the week.

Our surgeons have years of experience dealing with routine procedures such as desexings and lump removals to emergency procedures and basic orthopaedics.

Our nurses and vets are a dedicated team who operate to the highest of standards so your pet is in the best hands.


Surgical Information:

Fasting: All patients are required to fast from 8pm the night before procedure. 

Admission: Drop off for surgery is between 7.30am - 8.30am. Please allow enough time for your pets nurse to have a discussion with you and provide you with all the necessary information for the days procedure.  

During the day: Our team is availble to talk to you at any time throughout the day. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time. Our nurses and reception team endevour to provide you with frequent updates on the progress of your pet.

Discharge: All discharges are in the afternoon of your pets day procedure. Animals will not be sent home until they are deemed able by our team. All of our patients will be discharged by appointment so please allow enough time for our nurses to discuss your pets aftercare with you.

After Hours:  Our facility is not open 24 hours so if your pet has an emergency after we close please contact your closest emergency centre for assistance.