About Our Clinic

We work as a collegiate group using each team member’s strengths to deliver the best for our client's needs.


Sometimes we may suggest an internal referral. At other times we will recommend an external referral especially the more difficult surgeries and diagnostic procedures.

At all times we make sure that your pet has access to the best clinician for their needs.

Our Nurses are an integral part of the team and work collaboratively with our Vets to offer you an efficient service of a high level high. Our nurses are highly trained and can share their insights into the tricky task of how to give a cat a tablet, what special foods are available, information about parasite treatment, and many more. Just ask if you have a question.

We are constantly seeking to deliver the best outcome for you and your little fluffy friend.   

Our Team
Dr Rod Graham
Practice Owner and Veterinarian

Dr Rod started the Village Vet in 1993 at 30 Jackson St, Toorak.

Before moving to Toorak, he was a horse vet in the Yarra Valley for 20 years.

He is the heart and soul of the Village Vet, and is strongly focussed on giving owners the support they need to take care of their animals.

He is a great educator, a great listener, and his major strengths are breaking complex problems down into simple, often not thought of solutions.

Special Interest: Education
Dr Sondhya Basak

Dr. Sondhya moved with her partner to Melbourne from the UK in 2004 to study veterinary science, graduating in 2008 from Melbourne University.

She has worked in both general practice and emergency medicine, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her.

Dr. Sondhya is a busy mother of three, and is also joined by her dog Daffy and cat Daisy.

Sondhya is compassionate, a good listener, and a very practical vet.

Special Interest: Dermatology, medicine, and diagnostics
Dr Anupam Sharma

Dr Sharma has a special interest in small animal medicine, as well as emergency and critical care. She has worked in Sydney, Melbourne and London in various clinics and hospitals.

Dr Sharma's dog Nisha follows her everywhere, seen here in the photo.

Special Interest: Palliative care, pain management, and senior wellness.
Dr Gemma Williams

Gemma started at Village Vet as a veterinary nurse in 2015 after moving to Melbourne from Canberra. She graduated from University of Melbourne as in December 2020, and has now joined our team as a qualified veterinarian.

Outside of work Dr Williams enjoys live music and spending time with her cats Eddie & Scout.

Special Interest: Canine and feline behaviour, and human-animal bond.
Carina Moulden
Practice Manager

After graduating from CPIT in NZ in 2009, Carina moved to Melbourne where she worked in small animal practice for two and half years. Looking for adventure, she packed her bags and moved to the UK. Carina has worked in a number of large hospitals, including referral and small animal practices.

Carina joined our team in 2018 after moving back to Melbourne with her husband. Outside of work she enjoys hiking and traveling.

Special Interest: Non-surgical wound management.
Kat O'Bree
Head Nurse

Kat joined the Village Vet team in early 2017 as a receptionist. She has a deep passion for the veterinary industry. Kat is now working as a veterinary nurse, and has completed her Cert IV qualification with Animal Industries Resource Centre (AIRC).

In her spare time, Kat loves to spend time outdoors and with her cats Mao Mao, and Vader.

Special Interest: Clinical medicine and anaesthesia, and wildlife care
Andrea Thomas
Nurse Receptionist

Andrea graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in coastal ecology at Melbourne University and began working with the Department of Conservation in the management of coasts, lakes, rivers and wetlands. She then achieved a Certificate III in Animal Studies and has worked in a few different clinics.

Andrea joined our team as our full time receptionist in early 2018.

Special Interest: Wildlife care, and clinical medicine and organisation
Angela Smith
Nurse Receptionist

Angela graduated as a Veterinary Nurse in the '70s and has worked in the field for 11 years. While raising 2 boys she retrained in the medical field as a Nurse Receptionist in Medical and Dental Clinics, as well as a phlebotomist. Having a special affinity for cats, dogs and horses, she did a refresher course in veterinary nursing and returned to Vet Nursing.

Special Interest: Feline health and behaviour
Anna Newbigin

Anna has extensive experience in administration and customer service having worked in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, mining and animal welfare.

Anna has a love for animals which began as a young child when she rescued stray kittens around the Yarra River. In her free time, Anna enjoys the company of her cats at home.

Special Interest: Organisation and management.
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