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About Our Clinic

We work as a collegiate group using each team member’s strengths to deliver the best for our client's needs.


Sometimes we may suggest an internal referral. At other times we will recommend an external referral especially the more difficult surgeries and diagnostic procedures.

At all times we make sure that your pet has access to the best clinician for their needs.

Our Nurses are an integral part of the team and work collaboratively with our Vets to offer you an efficient service of a high level high. Our nurses are highly trained and can share their insights into the tricky task of how to give a cat a tablet, what special foods are available, information about parasite treatment, and many more. Just ask if you have a question.

We are constantly seeking to deliver the best outcome for you and your little fluffy friend.   

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Community Engagement 


We work closely alongside Wildlife Victoria to assess, stabilise and provide care for many different types of wildlife. 


​If you find injured wildlife please bring them to us. We assess all wildlife individuals handed in to us, and we do our best to rehabilitate them.

Wildlife Victoria 

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Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Every month Village Vet donates $500 to Australia Pet Welfare Foundation (APWF). 

The APWF is committed to reducing the number of animals being euthanised in shelters and pounds. 

APWF provides evidence based solutions to save the lives of pets and people. They liaise with communities, government authorities, veterinarians, welfare universities, and professional organisations to advocate for policy and legislative change to save lives. 



Save-A-Dog Scheme 

Save A Dog Scheme is a no kill shelter in Glen Iris. They house multiple cats and dogs that need a forever home.


If you wish to support such a great cause via donations online, please click on the link below.

We also have a donation box at reception. Every little bit counts.


Victoria University 

Each year Village Vet donates $6000 to Victoria University to help under privileged students. As a part of the academic community we feel it is our duty to help others acquire the same education. 

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." - Kofi Annan

National Desexing Network

The Village Vet is proud to partner with the National Desexing Network, which  offers discounted desexing for pet owners with financial limitations. 

Applications for desexing vouchers can be found at the website, through the button below. 

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